Managing work with the WWi @ ANWB

The WWi (Wegen Wacht Interactive) is an all-round app used by colleagues to manage, plan and ultimately get to stranded members of the ANWB who’s car has broken down and/or need assistance.

Such an app already existed but was very outdated (visually) and had poor Back-end and Front-end implementation. So first we decided what the App had to be able to do, on which platforms the App would exist and on which devices it should work as a minimum. Ths forged the path to an Android Native App on a certain set of Tablets and Phones.

Next was figuring out what the Journey (process) of such colleagues meant. What are their needs at what time? How can we improve on what exists and what should we definitely add or stay away from?

After getting the answers we need, a concept prototype was produced and shared with our ‘Power Users’ (a select group that represents the broader community) to validate our idea’s.

Lastly we put a process in place so we are bettle able to recieve feedback on new features as-well as upcoming changes. To this day, this process is one of the more effective ways of staying in touch with the people we (actually) work for.


UX (persona, journeymapping, user interviews), validating Visual design and Prototyping


Each and every Wegenwacht within ANWB


2019 – Ongoing

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