Traffic Education @ ANWB

At its core this product is aimed at younger (no license) audience than typical from ANWB who already have a license. It’s goal is to help these youngsters pass their Theorie-examen Auto B with flying colors.

To achieve this, a benchmark and interview were done to map ut their needs and wishes, as-well as their annoyances with our future ‘competitors’.

It was tricky to define a good set of Unique selling points, but we got there in the end. Specifically aimed at making ‘training’ easy and fun whilst making ‘reading and learning’ more interactive and engaging in general, something a lot of competition lacks.

After setting up user end-goals, concepts were produced, validated by way of User Panel groups and after a getting the GO from our target audience, final designs were produced for hand-off to our Front-end and Back-enders.

We plan to soft-launch the products to test our servers with bigger traffic and to see where our User Journey can improve even more!


UX (persona, journeymapping, user interviews), Visual design, of webapp screens and Prototyping


16 – 24 Year olds who want to pass their exam for driving licence B


2019 – Ongoing

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