Driving made fun

While doing practical lessons for my final Driving Exam I got to know Roza a bit better, she was my instructor at the time. I had a great experience, learned lot’s and had a lot of those ”Ah-hah tha’s why” -moments. These helped me feel confident I could pass the exam, and so I did!

While driving we talked about our hobbies and thus came the subject of her own driving school. I happily helped out with the conceptualisation of her own website and what would be needed.
A place for curious students to land, easy to navigate pages and a clear package deal where transparency is paramount.

Nothing worse than having a great tutor but bad prices. And as an ex-student, I know that this happens a lot!

We had t pretty tight window of working because she already started promoting and getting requests. We decided that a logo should be straight forward and the website should adhere to the standards mentioned above without ging overboard anywhere to reduce production costs. The website wet livewithin the 2 month shedule and resulted in her having 3 brand-new students within a week of launch!


Branding, HTML/CSS, Design Development


Fast pace 2 month releaseframe

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