Special Repair Service – SRS (Locksmith)

A very special project for me. A family member had been struggling creating their web presence ever-since the web got more popular in the 00’s.

This project only really needed a place for potential customers to land and to find a solution for theor specific problem. Adding to the experience, a transparant list of prices and guarantees made the user experience much better than before, where people had to call and ask for prices manually.

We started looking at a good working space where the client could self-monitor performance and add/remove/edit content easily. We landed on WordPress because this platform offers exactly that. Next was finding a fitting colorscheme, font-family and layout. This translated into a website aimed at helping customers find what they are looking for, be it prices of certain locks, services or reviews for SRS who boasts a PERFECT 5.0 rating with over 200 reviews at the time of writing.

I’m very proud I could offer my services to an actual member of my family and have heard a lot of positive sounds, which is a rewarding feeling! Interaction, Calls, workshop directions all have risen each month and I look forward to seeing their website drive more traffic and sales!


Branding, Web Design, Development, SEO/SEA (+ analytics)


Graphic Design


AVADA, Figma, Illustrator WordPress and Google Business (SEO/SEA)

“Op een kleurrijke brommer rijdt slotenmaker Aad de hele stad rond om buitengesloten mensen weer binnen te laten. Raven mag met hem mee naar zijn werkplaats.”

NPO - Nachtdieren

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NTR - Vals Plat

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